April 2020 General Conference

Members will not be invited to attend the April 2020 General Conference nor will they gather at stake centers or meetinghouses in areas where the COVID-19 virus is active. Everyone is invited to watch through technology.

Stake and Leadership Conferences and Other Large Gatherings

The Church will postpone stake and leadership conferences and other large gatherings in Church Areas where illness caused by COVID-19 is a challenge, including, Asia, Asia North, Europe, Europe East, and all Areas in the United States and Canada.

Weekly worship services, activities, and other meetings may or may not be held at the determination of local leaders.

COVID-19’s Impact on Missionary Training Centers

Beginning March 16, 2020, all missionaries scheduled to enter missionary training centers in Provo, Utah, or Preston, England, will be trained remotely by video conference. Other missionary training centers will continue to function as usual, but they will not receive any missionaries from regions where government officials are restricting activity. Missionaries from those areas will also be trained by video conference.


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