Young adults are invited to an after-party as part of this year’s RootsTech conference. The after-party will be Friday, February 28, 2020, from 7:00pm to midnight. The party is free. No RootsTech registration is required.

Activities Include:

  • RootsTech Evening Event featuring comedian Ryan Hamilton, 8:00-9:00pm
  • Dance
  • Escape Room. Solve a mystery before time runs out!
  • Cultural Room. Experience cultures from around the world in interactive ways.
  • Family History Twister. “Right hand green if you have an ancestor from England.”
  • Game Room. Enjoy a series of fun games and activities, such as 9 Square.
  • Virtual Reality. Explore the lands of your ancestors through an all-new immersive virtual reality experience.
  • Photo Opportunities. Take a 7-second video with your friends, and get a custom photo flip book on the spot.
  • Family History on Your Phone. Learn how the FamilySearch Family Tree app makes family history easy on your phone. See which of your ancestors you look like by using the Compare-a-Face feature, or discover how you’re related to those around you using Relatives at RootsTech.
  • Interactive Art. Show your artistic side, and contribute to a beautiful mural.

Below is a flyer you can share in your ward or stake. Click it for a printable PDF.


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