The BYU Library hosts a special exhibit “A Pillar of Light,” celebrating 200 years of the First Vision. The exhibit has an online presence and a physical presence in the BYU Library until June 2020.

The online exhibit features the following sections:

  1. Awakenings explains two major religious revivals that provided a back-drop for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Faith of Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith.
  3. of Joseph Smith’s First Vision. An overview of the first-hand and second-hand accounts.
  4. the Land of the Sacred Grove. An account of how the Church purchased the Joseph Smith, Sr. farm and other historical sites.
  5. Commemoration of the First Vision. In 1920, the Church commemorated the centennial anniversary of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s First Vision.
  6. Reception of the First Vision. Since 1820, the First Vision has been talked about, researched, and explored in artistic media, including comics, drama, music, paintings, poetry, stained-glass, and photographs.
  7. Personal Accounts of the First Vision and Sacred Grove. Testimonies by members who have visited the Sacred Grove or who reflected on the First Vision.

Learn more about the Bicentennial of the First Vision

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