Summarized from “Leaders Outline Church’s New Children and Youth Program” on the Church’s Newsroom:

The Children and Youth program goes into effect worldwide in January 2020, replacing the Church’s existing children and youth programs.

It focuses on you discovering and becoming your best divine self through activities and service, learning and growth. It helps you invite God into all aspects of your life and helps us achieve a balanced and Christlike life.

Service and Activities

The new program includes activities for families, children and young men and women. Activity Days are now called Primary activities, and they are for girls and they are for boys. The activities will be held 2-4 times per month.

Young men and women will organize regular activities, weekly where possible. Leaders should mentor, guide, and support the youth as they do this. Camps will continue for the young men and women.

In addition to camps, treks, and youth conferences, Elder Gong also discussed the multi-day For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences that will be held for young men and women.

Personal Development

Under the youth development part of the program, children and young men and women are encouraged to develop new talents, interests, and skills and prepare for missionary service, education, work, and family.

The goals that the youth set for themselves are at the heart of the children and youth program. You can prayerfully decide how many goals you set and when you want to accomplish them. Guidebooks will be distributed to help the youth plan and accomplish their goals.

Primary children, beginning the year they turn 8, are encouraged to start setting one goal per year in each area of growth. Young men and women are urged to set at least two goals per year in each area of growth.

A new Gospel Living app that will be available in 2020 for youth to journal, track their progress, and access uplifting music, videos, memes and inspirational messages.

Recognition and Achievement

In mid-2020, youth will receive emblems of belonging at ages 8, 12 and 18, as well as emblems of achievement as they reach personal goals. Children and youth logos include a temple symbol and the words “Strive to Be.” These logos invite us to become more like our Savior by following His temple covenant path.

The youth Instagram account can now be found at StrivetoBe. Youth can share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #StrivetoBe.

At the beginning of the year children turn 8, they will receive a picture of the temple and a ring.

Twelve-year-old young men will receive a special ring, and young women will be given a medallion containing a gemstone. They will also receive temple recommend holders.

Young women will receive a pendant to add to their necklace the year they turn 18, reminding them to prepare to make and keep temple covenants. The year young men turn 18, they will receive a vial for consecrated oil that can be used for priesthood blessings.

When youth fulfill their significant personal goals and gospel requirements, they can earn a special certificate signed by the First Presidency and a Christus statue.

New Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood Themes

These new themes are a good reminder to young women and young men of their divine potential and purpose. They can be a source of direction and confidence as youth strive to learn and live by the principles they contain. Download a printable PDF of the Young Women Theme and the Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Theme.

2020 Youth Theme Resources and New Primary Song

The Face to Face event introduced the new 2020 youth theme and resources and a new song for children.


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