David Osmond, Latter-day Saint music artist, continues his work advocating awareness of multiple sclerosis (MS) and encouraging people to become more active managers of their disease.

Enjoy this music video “David Osmond, “I Can Do This” Our Voice In Song.”

David Osmond has MS. He is the son of Alan Osmond, one of the original Osmonds. David’s father also has MS. A few years ago he was in a wheelchair, but instead of accepting his fate, David learned to walk again so that he could walk for his wedding day. He is now in remission.

“I have a motto I live by—you have to be TUFF,” says Alan. “It stands for: Target what you need to do; Understand everything you can about the challenge in front of you; Focus on how to live with or beat that challenge; Fight, Fight, Fight. You have to have the drive and desire to keep living and keep fighting for yourself and those around you.”

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