The Church’s websites for Relief Society, Young Women, and Aaronic Priesthood Quorums have been updated. They are available at in the menu Serve and Teach.

Especially note the following new resources:

  • New “Getting Started” guides are available for each calling. These guides can help you quickly get up-to-speed when you receive a new calling. Each section succinctly describes the purpose of the calling, what you should focus on, and who you should work with. It also gives quick links to other instructional materials, handbooks, tools, and reports.
  • Hope and Help. On the page, note the link to the Life Help section of the Church website where you’ll find specific helps in meeting life’s challenges, such as abuse; addiction; adoption; death, grieving, and loss; disabilities; divorce; education; emotional and mental health; employment; family and relationships; finances; LGBT; physical health; pregnant and single; single-parent families; and suicide.

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