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Trying to figure out what to call your distant cousin? Even if you know what it means to be a second, third, or fourth cousin (and if you don’t, check out this simple, visual article for an explanation), it can be hard to identify these relationships in real life.

One quick way is to download the FamilySearch App and try Relatives Around Me.

You can also start by asking these 3 questions:

1. Who is the common ancestor of my cousin and me?

2. How many generations am separated from this ancestor? How many generations is my cousin separated from this ancestor?

  • Hint: Count the number of “G’s” in the common ancestor’s title and add 1. For example:
    • Your Grandparents (1G + 1 = 2) are 2 generations away
    • Your Great-Grandparents (2Gs + 1) are 3 generations away
    • Your Great-Great Grandparent (3Gs + 1 = 4) are 4 generations away

3. Who is more removed from the common ancestor?

  • Hint: The person more removed from the common ancestor is the person whose common ancestor is more generations away.

The next steps will be different depending on how many generations both you and your cousin are from your common ancestor.


Download the Cousin Chart

Read the rest of the article to learn:

  • If you are both the SAME number of generations away from your common ancestor
  • If your cousin is FEWER generations away from your common ancestor than you are
  • If your cousin is MORE generations away from the common ancestor than you are

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