As parents, we want to protect our children from danger. Just as we teach our children how to be safe when cooking on campfires, ovens, or stoves, we can also teach our children to use technology wisely to avoid danger. Technology can bless and benefit our lives when used appropriately, but there are many potential pitfalls. As we teach our children about safe technology use, we can help them avoid the dangers of pornography, sexting, overuse of social media and video games, cyberbullying, and other potentially dangerous situations.

Asking ourselves important questions about our own technology use is a good place to start. Are we willing to do what we ask our children to do in practicing safe technology use? We can model how to use technology safely and appropriately. We should pay attention to our own habits and modify them as needed.

Read the rest of the article “How Can I Establish Safe Media Use in My Home?” on the Church’s Addressing Pornography site to learn about the importance of teaching our children why standards are important and why it’s important to choose to use technology for good.

June is National Internet Safety Awareness Month. All month, we will share ideas on how to keep the internet a safe resource for you and your family. See other articles about online safety.

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