ministering-angels-videoThe music video “Ministering Angels” reminds us that we are Christ’s ministering angles here on earth.

Latter-day Saint musician Mary Hiett composed this song to remind us of the purpose of ministering—a higher, holier approach to caring for others.



Mary Hiett explained this back story to LDS365:

In the April 2019 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson announced the change in the visiting and home teaching program of the Church. It was now the newly-inspired ministering effort.

I felt his burning testimony as he spoke of this beautiful effort. President Nelson was telling us that the Lord is calling to us, to STEP IT UP! To truly take responsibility! To be better ministering brothers and sisters in the world!

He said that God needs us to be His eyes, ears, and hands here on earth. I was very moved by his beautiful message. So I wrote “Ministering Angels” in the hope that when people hear this song, their hearts will be touched and they will be encouraged to be this kind of ministering brother or sister.”

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