mural for the Rome Italy Temple Visitors' Center

Brilliant artist, Joseph Brickey, was commissioned to paint a 27-foot tall x 50-foot wide mural for the temple visitor center in Rome, Italy. The mural is the backdrop to the 13 full-size marble replica statues of the Christus and the twelve apostles, originally sculpted by Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen in Italy during the early 19th century.

Watch the video below, “Artist Insights into the 50 foot Mural for the Rome Italy LDS Temple” to learn of the rich details as well as the spiritual, historical, and architectural symbolism that went into the development of this oil canvas masterpiece.

Whether you ever have the chance to stand in front of this artwork in person, after hearing the background and insights shared by the artist, you will appreciate this oil painting like never before.

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