memories-book-appWith just one click, you can generate a memories book with photos, stories, and details about the lives of your ancestors. Create a PDF book that you can email to others or send to be printed.

Family history is all about photos and stories. But sometimes it is difficult to know where all those treasures are hiding. The Memories Book app from CodePro Studios extracts all those gems from and brings them to your phone with just a few taps. (The app is currently available for Apple iOS. The Android version is coming soon.)

Generate Your Family History Book

There are a lot of family history book tools, but none are as simple as this. With just one click, you can generate a memories book. The book contains all of the photos and stories from your ancestors as well as a bio sheet that shows your relationship with them and the basic details of their lives. You can easily export this PDF to your email so that you can share it with your family or send your book directly to a printer.

Generate Personalized Coloring Pages

With just a click, you can also generate custom coloring pages from photos of your ancestors. These pages are a great way to help your kids also learn about their family history.

Explore Your Ancestors

You can also explore your ancestors’ memories one by one. Discover photos and stories that you may have never seen before and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all your family to enjoy.

FamilySearch Compatible

CodePro Studios is a FamilySearch partner, authorized to help users explore and organize their family history memories. You will need an account with to use the Memories Book app.

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