The Church has published resources that explain more about Latter-day Saint temples at temples.ChurchofJesusChrist.org. In addition to the videos embedded below, the site contains the following pages:

  • Sacred Temple Clothing explains temple garments.
  • Prepare for the Temple explains temple ordinances and the covenant path. It explains the processes of receiving a temple recommend and the purpose of being worthy to enter the temple.
  • About Proxy Baptism and Confirmation explains the importance of performing the ordinances of baptism and confirmation in behalf of those who have died and explains how these ordinances are performed in the temple.
  • About the Temple Endowment explains the initiatory ordinances and the endowment, including the covenants that individuals will be asked to make as they receive their endowment.
  • About a Temple Sealing explains the importance of temple marriages, the sealing power, and the sealing of husbands, wives, and children.

In the April 2019 general conference, Elder David A. Bednar explained the importance of preparing people before they enter a temple.

In the video below, “Two Apostles Lead a Virtual Tour of the Rome Italy Temple,” Elder David A. Bednar and Elder Ronald A. Rasband walk through the Rome Italy Temple, explaining the baptistry, instruction rooms, the bride’s room, marriage sealing rooms, and the celestial room.

The video “Sacred Temple Clothing” below explains why temple garments are worn by faithful Latter-day Saints as a reminder of sacred beliefs and commitments.

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