missionary-safety-videosA new series of videos will help increase the safety of more than 65,000 missionaries around the world.

The 12-part series is called “The SafetyZone.” Each episode covers a missionary safety topic in an entertaining way while delivering important, life-changing principles. The videos focus on helping missionaries gain life experience through actual examples and storytelling. Each video builds on the basic principles of situational awareness, obedience to laws and mission rules and respect for risks and for people in the areas where they serve.

Below is an introductory video:

All prospective missionaries that receive a new call will be asked to watch the first episode with their parents before they leave. The remaining 11 videos will be viewed in missionary training centers as well as by missionaries already serving. The videos are available in English and additional languages will be coming soon.

Watch episode 1 below:

Many of the other episodes are available online.

Learn more in the article “New Safety Videos Will Help Missionaries Focus on Serving Jesus Christ.”

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