On Thursday, February 28, Elder David A. Bednar, Elder Gary E. Stevenson, and Elder Dale G. Renlund spoke at a Temple and Family History Leadership Meeting. If you missed this inspirational, live-streamed event, you can view it online.

Their messages were directed to leaders and members with temple and family history callings. They explained how family history can be used to strengthen families. They also covered the following:

  • The proper functioning of the ward temple and family history leader, who reports to a counselor in the elders quorum presidency. (This is indicated in the image below, “1 Standard Pattern.” In smaller wards and branches, some of these callings may be consolidated as shown in options 2, 3, or 4.)
  • The need for a ward temple and family history plan.
  • A ward temple and family history coordination meeting.

Learn more on the FamilySearch blog.

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