Many people are asking themselves “Where Do I Start with Home-Centered Gospel Learning?”

The Church offers many resources to help you tailor you strengthen gospel learning and living at home.

Watch these Church videos about how to improve your gospel study:

“Come, Follow Me—Feast Upon the Words (2 Nephi 32:3)” is an introductory video.

In the video “Come, Follow Me—Lito,” he explains how to discover it for yourself, and the Lord will reveal it.

In this video, the Christensen family explains how they can have a more engaged experience in family gospel study.

Learn how Jenna feels relief from anxiety and fear of the unknown through her personal experience of studying the gospel in the video “How is this Different? – Jenna.”

In the video “Come, Follow Me—Oduro-Yeboah Family,” we see an example of how others can lead to conversion.

In the video “Come, Follow Me—Ofelia,” we learn that Come, Follow Me is an opportunity for students to discover spiritual truths for themselves.

While seeking for a way to address the special needs of her children, Adaline shares her experience using Come, Follow Me in the video “Why is My Preparation at Home Important? – Adaline.”

See a collection of more videos from members and their experiences in seeking to improve their gospel study.

See articles on about making the Sabbath a delight.

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