For the third year in a row, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sponsoring a worldwide #LightTheWorld effort that focuses on the importance of treating others with Christlike love. Four weeks of service emphasize helping the larger world, serving your community, strengthening your home and increasing devotion to your faith.

The Church has deployed #LightTheWorld giving machines in 5 cities across the world, where people can donate to worldwide or community causes. In the few weeks the machines have been in operation, these machines have generated 52,279 contributions, resulting in $1,332,128 in total donations to local and global charities.

100% of all donations goes to the charities. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covers not only the administrative costs of the #LightTheWorld initiative but also the costs of all the partner organizations to deliver the goods and services that you donate to.

Watch this video about the #LightTheWorld Train to inspire you to give way, give more, and share Christ’s Light to others.

Learn more about the purpose of the #LightTheWorld effort.

Read the article “Global Response for ‘Light the World’ Service Initiative” to learn more about the good works of people worldwide.


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