Priesthood leaders are encouraged to make institute accessible to all young single adults (YSAs). Stake presidents have the option of creating stake-based institutes for YSAs who don’t have access to existing campus institute programs.

Since their implementation in 2011, stake-based institutes have typically followed the scheduling patterns of the campus institute programs (such as the length of classes, when semesters begin and end, and credit requirements). To better meet the needs of nonstudent YSAs who attend stake-based institute programs, stake presidents now have the following options:

  • Shorten class sessions to one hour per week.
  • Hold class each week throughout the year, without the breaks normally associated with university calendars.
  • Emphasize attendance and learning over earning credit, especially for those who are not currently students. (The option to receive credit toward fulfilling graduation requirements would still be available for those interested, including for those interested in transferring institute credit to a Church school.)

Stake presidents should work closely with local Seminaries and Institutes representatives to receive further details about these options and their possible implementation.

For more information, see the Leader Resources at

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