Latter-day Saint young adults can now find new content created for young adults by young adults each week in the Church’s Gospel Library app. A new section, known as YA Weekly, will be updated each week with content available in 20-plus languages. (Find it by tapping Audiences, then Young Adults, and then YA Weekly.)

Young adults from around the world and at Church headquarters plan and create the content, which will also feature Church leaders and other experts on topics relevant to young adults.

YA Weekly will cover from a gospel perspective a variety of topics in which young adults have expressed interest, including:

  • Seeking personal revelation
  • Making decisions
  • Faith and doubt
  • Understanding temple covenants
  • Self-worth
  • Maintaining mental and emotional health
  • Relationships
  • Family planning and parenting
  • Returning early from a mission
  • Failure
  • Perfectionism
  • Body image
  • Overcoming adversity

In a welcome letter, young adult editors working on YA Weekly say: “Our goal is to help you find answers to your challenges and the strength to face them. We’ll do this by exploring the gospel of Jesus Christ together and examining how young adults all over the world are striving to live it.”

They hope that their realistic but hopeful take on issues facing young adults will appeal to those who are “single, married, or single again … from different walks of life, educational backgrounds, economic levels, cultures, and circumstances.”

“Young adults from all over the world are bringing their faith and talents to the Church,” according to the letter. “In many places, we aren’t just tomorrow’s leaders, we’re helping to lead the Church today, including in areas where the Church has been established for a long time. And our impact will stretch beyond today, because we’re also the parents of the next generation.”

Those who wish to share stories by, about, and for young adults may submit them to YA Weekly at liahona@ldschurch.org.

From “YA Weekly in Gospel Library Features Content by, for, and about Young Adults” at news.lds.org.


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