Do you have an ancestor who may have settled the city of Nauvoo, witnessed the organization of the Relief Society, heard the first cries announcing the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith or helped with the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple?

Or perhaps you have ancestral connections to Nauvoo during its formative Church history years and not even know it?

Either way, you could be among the 1.1 million Latter-day Saints soon to receive an email announcing a new FamilySearch campaign, My Nauvoo Ancestor Story, with email recipients identified by and linked to their Nauvoo ancestors.

By going to My Nauvoo Ancestor Story, users of the new online discovery experience can identify up to 20 ancestors who resided in the early Latter-day Saint settlement in western Illinois any time from 1838 to 1848, with information coming from five database sources providing rich insights into their lives there — even, at times, an eyewitness perspective.

Read more in the story “New FamilySearch campaign can connect Latter-day Saints to Nauvoo ancestors they didn’t even know they had.”

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