From the article “20 Ways to Do Family History in 5 Minutes a Day” on FamilySearch.org.

If you love spending time on your family history but find yourself overwhelmed, know that you can make significant progress with just five minutes a day. 2018 RootsTech presenter Deborah Gamble shared 20 five-minute tasks with attendees that they can use to keep themselves motivated and progressing in their family history efforts. So, when life starts feeling too busy for family history, give these tips a try:

1) Create a FamilySearch account.

FamilySearch is loaded with billions of searchable records, and millions more are added every year. One of the most exciting things about FamilySearch is that it’s free! Create an account today.

2) Add living people to your family tree.

Adding living relatives into your family tree on FamilySearch takes just minutes. FamilySearch doesn’t add living relatives on its own, so you have the opportunity to manually add your loved ones and ensure that their information is correct. Make sure to mark Living to protect your relative’s privacy.

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