FamilySearch provides lots of ways to learn more about the Mormon pioneers. Below are several resources that provide great ways for your family to learn more about the Mormon pioneers.

Pioneer History and Discovering Your Pioneer Heritage

As a new country, the United States boasted freedom and opportunity, particularly in the West, where there were vast expanses of land and, later, rumors of gold. Many pioneers moved west hoping to own land and start fresh.

Were your ancestors among the farmers seeking land, miners hunting for gold, or religious people seeking refuge? Read the article “Pioneer History and Discovering Your Pioneer Heritage” to learn how to search pioneer records to find your ancestors and to learn more about the history of pioneers and the western expansion.

Three Things the Oregon Trail Game Didn’t Teach You about the Pioneers

Conestoga-wagon-oregon-trail-gameThe Oregon Trail computer game from 1974 is one of the best-known and best-loved video games of all time. Over 10 years, the game sold over 65 million copies, and in 2016, it was inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

As an educational tool, The Oregon Trail teaches students about the westward journey of pioneers in a lighthearted way. Due to the game’s limitations, however, it leaves out a great deal. Read the article “Three Things the Oregon Trail Game Didn’t Teach You about the Pioneers” to discover three Oregon Trail facts you didn’t learn while playing the video game.

FamilySearch Pioneer Discovery Experience Online

discover-pioneersJust in time for the July 24 celebration of Utah’s Pioneer Day, FamilySearch and the Church History Library (CHL) have partnered to help you find amazing information about your pioneer heritage. About 1.5 million descendants of pioneers have been identified through millions of worldwide contributions to the FamilySearch Family Tree. Go to to make your discoveries.

To learn more about this experience, read the article “FamilySearch Pioneer Discovery Experience Online.”


Who Were the Pioneers?

oregon-trail-pioneersThroughout history, there have been many pioneers with rich stories to tell who have helped shape our lives. People from many different backgrounds, countries, and nationalities have led the way west and blazed a trail for others to follow.

Read the article “Who Were the Pioneers?” to learn more about pioneer origins, pioneer companies and trails, life on the trail, and pastimes and activities.

The Westward Expansion and American Pioneers—How It Affects Your Family History

homestead-act-1862-pioneersBeing familiar with United States history can help in your family history work if you have pioneer ancestors. By looking at when your ancestors were born, if they moved, and where they moved, you can easily see if your family had any pioneers involved in settling the great Western frontier.

Read the article “The Westward Expansion and American Pioneers—How It Affects Your Family History” to learn about Manifest Destiny and the Homestead Act of 1862 to understand better why the pioneers moved west.


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