In Sunday night’s worldwide devotional with youth, President Nelson issued five  challenges to the youth of the Church. One was to take a week-long break from social media, to sacrifice their time, repent, pray, and stand out from the world. (Learn about this challenge in the article “President Nelson Challenges LDS Youth in Worldwide Devotional.”)

fake5Many youth have organized to disengage from a constant reliance on social media using the hashtag #7DayBreakFromTheFake. The purpose of this seven-day fast from social media is help youth understand the worldly influence that social media can have on them.

“I acknowledge that there are positives about social media,” President Nelson said. “But if you are paying more attention to feeds from social media than you are to the whisperings of the Spirit, then you are putting yourself at spiritual risk, as well as the risk of experiencing intense loneliness and depression.”

Since much of what appears on social media is a person’s most fun and adventurous pictures, this creates the fake impression that everyone else has a more exciting life. “So, give yourself a seven-day break from fake.”

Youth advocate Collin Kartchner posted the following on Instagram:

Others have joined the fight. LDS young man Bray Hallman posted the following video on Facebook:

See other posts on Facebook with the hashtag #7DayBreakFromTheFake.

For ideas on how to take your 7-day break, read “How to Take Your 7 Day Break From Fake & Fast from Social Media.”



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