If you missed tonight’s “Be One” celebration of the 40th anniversary of the revelation on the priesthood, you can watch it below.

President Russell M Nelson and President Dallin H Oaks spoke. Music was provided by 7-time Grammy Award-winner Gladys Knight, the Saints Unified Voices, Alex Boyé, the Bonner family, the Unity Gospel Choir International, and members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

President Nelson:
Only the comprehension of the true Fatherhood of God can bring full appreciation of the true brotherhood of men and the true sisterhood of women. That understanding inspires us with passionate desire to build bridges of cooperation instead of walls of segregation.

It is my prayer and blessing that I leave upon all who are listening that we may overcome any burdens of prejudice and walk uprightly with God—and with one another—in perfect peace and harmony.

Read a summary of the event in the article “At ‘Be One’ Celebration, a Call for Optimism and Overcoming Prejudice,” including transcripts of the remarks by President Nelson and President Oaks.

Learn more about the LDS Celebration of the 1978 Revelation on the Priesthood.

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