follow-facebookIf you follow LDS365 on Facebook, with the recent changes Facebook made in what it shows to users, you may not be seeing all of our articles. Here’s what you can do about it.

What has changed on Facebook?

In January, Facebook changed its algorithms to show posts that you are more likely to engage with—posts that you will like, comment on, or share. However, that also means that if you only passively read a post or watch a video without liking it, commenting on it, or sharing it, you will begin to see fewer and fewer of those kinds of posts.

Since many of the articles from LDS365 are informational about resources from the Church, they don’t necessarily engender discussion. However, if you are grateful to get the information, and want to continue seeing these articles, you’ll need to do one of three things, or before long, you won’t see these articles in your Facebook feed any more.

What you can do about it


  1. Every time you read a post from us, like it, comment on it, and share it. Then cross your fingers and hope that Facebook will keep showing you posts from LDS365.
  2. Go to the LDS365 Facebook page at, click Like, then click Following, and then choose See First in your News Feed (see image to the right). If you don’t choose this option, it may not show up in your news feed.
  3. The most sure option is to go to the website and click the Subscribe by Email button in the top right corner and enter your email address. That way, you will receive an email notification whenever LDS365 writes something new. (You can unsubscribe at any time, and we only use your email for this purpose.)




Read this article about how to clean up your Facebook feed so that you see things that you are actually interested in.

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