Invite a Friend to Meet with Missionaries

The Church has implemented a new way to help members and missionaries work together more effectively to help people come unto Christ. A new feature on Member Tools and lets you send referrals directly to missionaries and collaborate with them as they contact and teach your friend.

lds-missionary-referral-ldstools-1No matter where your friend lives, when you submit a name to the missionaries, you can:

  • Be part of the process by helping the missionaries understand your friend’s needs, interests, questions, and preferred method of communication. After submitting your friend’s contact information, you will see contact information for the missionaries, bishop, and ward mission leader where your friend lives.
  • Participate in missionary lessons or gospel discussions in person or through phone or video chat. You can be as involved in teaching your friend as you want to be.
  • Follow up with your friend between missionary appointments to answer questions and provide support.

lds-missionary-referral-ldstoolsFlip through a presentation that explains the new missionary referral process in more detail.

To submit a referral to the missionaries, go to, which is available in 28 languages.





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