virtual-missionary-greg-trimbleGreg Trimble’s new book The Virtual Missionary: The Power of Your Digital Testimony is a great introduction on how to use social media to share your testimony online. By using personal examples, he explains how to easily use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or a blog to enrich the lives of others by sharing simple things about the gospel that are important to you.

I’m glad I spent a few hours over the Christmas holiday to read through these short, easy-to-read chapters that explain why it’s important to share what we know with others and how to do it. Thanks to modern technology, our ability to share, influence, and serve online has been multiplied exponentially.

Greg wrote this book to members of the Church who wish they could reach more people with messages of goodness, but are not quite sure how to proceed. Not only does he give you ideas about what to write and how to write, but he gives you lots of encouragement by sharing examples of what he has done personally and with members of his own stake in California.

For years, I’ve enjoyed reading Greg’s blog,, where he shares his insights on his life and his faith. Now, in this book, he explains how he branches out from his blog to share the gospel using social media and how he engages people in this stake to do the same. He even shares the tools and templates he uses. I highly recommend The Virtual Missionary: The Power of Your Digital Testimony.

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