Today, published changes to the language content provided on The full experience is provided in ten languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish). The navigation bar and content in these languages remains unchanged.

But for the 115 languages beyond those ten, when you click the language name in the top right of the screen, you are presented with a single page with links to content that is available in that language. Below is an example of (the top part of) the previous Danish page.


The new design of the language pages is more user friendly, more searchable, and easier to publish and maintain. The new design mirrors the structure and content of the Gospel Library mobile app to give you a consistent experience, whether you are online or on the mobile app. Below is an example of the new page in Czech.


Clicking any of these tiles on the page will provide you the content within that category, just as you get in the Gospel Library mobile app.

However, for some languages, this new structure means that you will no longer have access to some content you used to have. For example, some content that was available online (such as a link to a PDF of a manual) but not in the Gospel Library app will no longer appear online until it can be formatted for use in both the Gospel Library app and online. Church employees are hard at work to get this content reformatted as quickly as possible. As you notice missing content that is important to you, please comment below so we can make these items a priority.

As the Church encourages more use of digital resources, there will be some growing pains as we improve tools and provide access to resources in up to 125 languages.

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