leader-clerk-resourcesAn updated version of Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) is now available for use by members of ward and stake councils. Below is a list of new or enhanced functionality.

Membership Related

  • Added a Family History Activity Report that allows ward and stake leaders to view unit involvement in family history activities.
  • Added family history summary data to the Key Indicators report.
  • Added LCR access for self-reliance specialists and temple and family history consultants.
  • Added the ability for stake clerks to record the following ward callings from the Ward Leadership page: bishopric counselors, clerks, assistant clerks, executive secretaries, elders quorum presidencies, and high priests group leaders.
  • Enhanced the Action and Interview List by splitting the data into three tabs and adding the ability to view prior months.
  • Enhanced the Send a Message tool by:
    • Allowing ward leaders to add stake leaders as recipients.
    • Adding the following recipient groups for stake users: All Callings, All Auxiliary Presidencies, Stake General Priesthood Meeting, Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting, All Clerks, All Executive Secretaries, Parents of Young Men, Parents of Young Women, and Parents of Youth.
    • Adding the following recipient groups for ward users: All Callings, Clerks, All Auxiliary Presidencies, Parents of Young Men, Parents of Young Women, and Parents of Youth.
    • Providing the ability to filter potential recipients by searching for calling and unit name.
  • Added the ability for bishoprics and ward clerks to cancel temple recommends.
  • Enhanced the LCR search box by adding the ability to find members by phone number and email address.
  • Added the ability to view up to 36 months on the Members Moved In report.
  • Added additional information to the Seminary and Institute Quarterly Attendance report.
  • Made it easier to see all Relief Society sisters in the stake by adding a Members tab to the Stake Relief Society organization page.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue preventing stake users from seeing pending Melchizedek Priesthood ordinations.
  • Fixed the following issues with the Send a Message tool:
    • “Select all” was ignoring the current filter when selecting recipients.
    • Emails were not being sent when the “reply to all” check box was selected.
    • Young single adult and single adult calling groups were showing all members instead of just those with callings.
  • Fixed an issue causing currently serving missionary couples to appear on the Action and Interview List under “Potential Missionary Couples.”

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