Volunteers are needed to help tag more than a million images in the LDS Media Library on with information that makes them easier to find.

For years, the Church has collected images submitted by member photographers. Now that there are more than a million images in the database, volunteers of all ages are needed to add a title, description, and search words to each image.

You can volunteer from your home right now. All you need is a computer or tablet and 5 minutes or more. Your help in tagging photos will make it easier for everyone to find and download images for use in lessons, family home evenings, blogs, websites, and other noncommercial, gospel-sharing efforts.

Photo tagging in five easy steps

  1. Go to, read the instructions, and click Start Activity. It will require you to enter your LDS Account username and password. (If you don’t have one, you can sign up at
  2. Look at the displayed photo from the Church’s image database, then add a title, brief description, and 4–6 search words you think people might use when searching for this kind of image.
  3. Submit.

You can tag as many photos as you have time for. If you have questions, see the list of frequently asked questions. Today, only English tagging is available, but eventually the project will expand into other languages.

Photo tagging is a fun service activity for youth, young adults, or family home evening. If health problems keep you close to home, this is a convenient way to serve. Even the most technically challenged individual can participate.

You can also help by encouraging others to volunteer. For example, you could share this article on social media or add the opportunity to your ward newsletter or announcements.



Adapted from the Church News article “ Volunteer to Tag Photos to Make Images on Easier to Find.”

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