The Church has published online a new film Ask of God—Joseph Smith’s First Vision, a stunning portrayal of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

The film was originally released in the Church History Museum in October 2015, where it is shown in a 240-degree surround format for an immersive experience. Now it has been remastered to fit traditional screens and is available online at to view, download, and share with others anytime. Within a few weeks, the video will also be available in the Gospel Library mobile app and the LDS Media Library app.

While most movies about the First Vision use the 1838 account from the Pearl of Great Price, this film draws from all nine existing accounts recorded during Joseph Smith’s lifetime. Four were written or dictated by the Prophet himself and five were written by those who heard the story from him personally. While each account tells the same story, each emphasizes and reveals certain nuances about Joseph’s time in the woods that would become known as the Sacred Grove. Learn more about the historical accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

“Great effort has been taken to portray things as accurately as our knowledge of history permits,” said John Heath, a communications manager in the Church History Department.

The scenes in the film were shot on location in Palmyra, New York, using several cameras and helicopters to give the sensation of being lifted above the treetops of the grove and to give an aerial perspective of the surrounding valley, including the Smith family farmhouse.

Elder Holland described the movie as “a moving account of Joseph Smith’s First Vision of the Father and the Son.”

You can also experience this marvelous film on a 240° circular screen that surrounds the audience in the First Vision Theater at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City. Get free tickets for the First Vision Theater.


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