workin-james-mormon-david-archuletaToday, Jamesthemormon and David Archuleta released a song called “Workin.” Below is the music video that so far today has been viewed on Facebook alone over a half million times! Watch it below. [Editor’s note: As of August 11, the video has nearly 1.3 million views on Facebook and YouTube.]

working-cover-art“Workin” is the final song on the re-release of the album titled PMG that subtly goes through all the lessons of Preach my Gospel.

You can download the song at You can also watch the music video on YouTube.

This past April, James the Mormon released an album, and with the help of his fans, it hit #1 on both iTunes and Billboard. Let’s help promote this song as well to show the music industry that there is a demand for clean, uplifting music. Can you imagine if we got a single to chart that was attached to album that literally taught the gospel?

Here’s how you can help get this song into the top 100 of Billboard:

  1. Download “Workin” from iTunes and write a review. (See for links.)
  2. Follow Jamesthemormon (one word) on Spotify, Apple Music, or another streaming service. Then listen to “Workin” a lot!
  3. Share the “Workin” video on social media and invite your friends to help the cause!



Editor’s note: Below is a message that Jamesthemormon sent to his fans on August 13:

Guys! Thank you..

Because of you some really cool things have happened.

1. We passed 1 million views in 2 days
2. We got to #19 on the Hip Hop Charts
3. Billboard wrote an article about us! What!?

I just got a call from Billboard and it look like we are very close to charting for both “workin” and the ep “PMG.”

Apparently we would have for sure been in the top 5 for hiphop singles, but some people bought the pink single of “workin” and some people bought “workin” of off PMG and for some reason the don’t count the same. I want to invite you to help make the last big push before the chart is released Monday, if you havent gotten the Pink “workin” to get it, and to grab a digital copy of “PMG”. Please leave a review as well!

Also as a last effort I would like to invite you to get on your social medias and post a video letting people know that were so close, explain what happened with the two “workin”s / post that link and invite your friends and family to help download and stream and a last stich effort before the chart releases on Monday.

Link here –

Also If you haven’t heard I’m throwing a FREE all ages “Thank You Concert” to say thank you to every one who has supported what we are doing. The concert will be Aug 20th in Provo, Utah and we will have free food, local artists, prizes from me. I honestly would not be here with out all of you.

Click here for Show details –

Love you guys!


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