mothers-day-beautifulLDS Charities has just released the video “Help Make a Mother’s Day Beautiful.” Many mothers around the world face challenges they cannot solve themselves. LDS Charities helps mothers overcome those challenges so they can focus on what matters most—being a mom.

Here’s another video you may enjoy. The Piano Gal just released the music video “When She Loved Me Special Mother’s Day Message:”

I’ve written before about 13-year-old Sara, “The Piano Gal.” She has played the piano since she was 5 and has built a following on social media after several viral videos. This is now her singing debut. This music video shows the pain we feel when someone we love lets go of us. It shows the relationship between a mother and daughter from toddler to teen. The bond between mother and infant is strong, but as the child grows, a separation begins and this video portrays that separation and also the hope that, in the end, the mother-daughter bond will again become strong and continue forever.

See more Mother’s Day videos and images from the Church that you can share.

Watch more Mother’s Day videos.

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