For more than 86 years—nearly the lifetime of radio—the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been broadcasting a weekly program called Music and the Spoken Word, the longest continuous broadcast on the air. Each weekly episode is broadcast in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Twice each year, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir episode broadcast just prior to the Sunday morning session of LDS general conference is translated into a much larger number of languages. Beginning with the October 4, 2015 broadcast, these broadcasts are now available online in over 50 languages.

In the future, the additional language translations of the Music and the Spoken Word from the general conference broadcasts will be posted on the website and on its YouTube channel. See the translations from the October 2015 general conference.

History of Music and the Spoken Word

The first broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word on July 15, 1929, was transmitted using just one microphone to 30 radio stations. Over the years, more and more radio stations joined them.  Decades later, the Choir’s audience increased when television was added to radio broadcasts. As technology developed, satellite and cable transmissions were added to the broadcast.

With each new addition, Music and the Spoken Word reached many more listeners. In October 2012, the Choir launched its own YouTube channel to provide another means of reaching people throughout the world. The weekly broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word is now live-streamed on the Choir’s website and on its YouTube channel.

Also enjoy music using the Mormon Tabernacle Choir mobile app for Apple iOS  and Android devices.

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