Millions of people are on YouTube daily. As you watch LDS videos and share them, you will be helping the videos be seen by more people on YouTube and other video search engines. People will be touched by your comments and the things they feel while enjoying LDS videos.

What You Can Do

youtube-mormon-channelWatching, commenting on, and sharing LDS videos on YouTube can make a difference.

To share or comment on a video, you must have a Google, Gmail, or YouTube account.

  1. Find an uplifting LDS video on the Mormon Channel or on the Channel. There are also a number of great videos created by members (see some highlighted on
  2. Find a video you like and watch it to the end.
  3. Click the “thumbs up” icon to show you like the video.
  4. Write a comment about why you like it or how you feel about it.
  5. Share the video with someone you think would enjoy it.

The more a video is watched, commented on, and shared, the more likely that video will show up when people search for videos on YouTube.

Time It Takes

The whole activity should take just a few minutes to find and watch a video, like it, leave a comment, and share it with someone.

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