In October 2013, Elder Kevin S. Hamilton of the Seventy spoke during LDS general conference about the blessings that come from weekly church attendance — even while on vacation or traveling.

“Our family has committed to attend all of our Sunday meetings,” Elder Hamilton said in his talk, “Continually Holding Fast.” “We have found that this strengthens our faith and deepens our understanding of the gospel… We even attend all of our Sunday meetings when we are on vacation or traveling. One of our daughters recently wrote to say that she had attended church in a city where she was traveling and then added, ‘Yes, Dad, I did attend all three of the Sunday meetings.’ We know she was blessed for this righteous decision.”

While traveling, Latter-day Saints have access to digital tools that can help them find church meetings while on the road.The LDS Maps app lets you enter any address worldwide and find the nearest meetinghouse, temple, or other Church facility.

You can access LDS Maps in the following ways:

  • Click My Account and Ward in the upper right of the screen, then select Maps and Meetinghouse Locator. Or you can simply go to
  • LDS Tools mobile app: Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then select Meetinghouses.
  • Click Visit and then select Find a Church.

Read the article “How, and why, to attend church while on vacation” for stories about how members find it uplifting to attend church during travel and vacations.

Learn more about LDS Maps.

This is where to find LDS Maps on


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