phoneLDS Living has published an article “7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with the Gospel Library App.”

The article points out that the Gospel Library mobile app gives you access not only to the standard works and general conference talks but also to a variety of gospel materials, including Teachings of the Presidents of the Church manuals, Preach My Gospel, Church magazines, videos, and other materials.

The article then gives ideas on how you can use this app to maximize your gospel study.

  1. Highlighting and underlining. You can mark words, verses, or paragraphs with many styles and colors.
  2. Creating notes, tags, and links to related materials. You can create your own subject tags and add notes to any word or paragraph.
  3. Bookmarks. Set multiple bookmarks to keep track of your reading.
  4. Plan a talk or lesson. You can compile your highlights, tags, and notes into a labeled study notebook. If you have previously tagged scripture or quotes, you can sort those into a notebook, or you can create a new “journal entry” and record your own thoughts or comments along with the quotes you’ve found.
  5. Hiding Footnotes and Menus. You can hide the footnotes to make the page easier to read.
  6. Font Size and Style. If you have trouble reading the text on the app, you can make it bigger or change the font style.
  7. Language. The navigation in the app, as well as the manuals, videos, and other materials are available in many languages.

Read the whole article “7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with the Gospel Library App” to get more details and tips on how to use the app.

Learn more about the Gospel Library mobile app.

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