meet-mormons-movie-4Meet the Mormons is now on Netflix, so millions more people have access to it.

Need something to watch for Family Home Evening tonight? Have a neighbor you could invite to watch it with you? Have acquaintances who may want to watch it in the comfort of their own homes?

Meet the Mormons was ranked #10 for box office receipts the premiere weekend. The film has since made $5.8 million, making it the 32nd biggest documentary of all time. (All net proceeds were donated to charity.)

I encourage you to watch it and leave a rating on Netflix to encourage others to watch it as well. To rate movies, select the stars below the title. The stars will turn yellow and change from “Our Best Guess” to “Meet the Mormons Rating.”

You can also

Note: Originally, Netflix only offered Meet the Mormons on DVD, but now it is also available for Netflix streaming.

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