chasing-clouds-Jerald-SimonChasing Clouds is new meditation music created by Jerald Simon for relaxing and meditating. Below is the music set to a “music video.”

Each meditation piece is set at 60 beats per minute, because that is approximately the heart beat at a calm and restful state. Our hearts respond to, beat to, and follow rhythm. The rhythm of the music naturally calms you as your heart beat follows the rhythm. There are 12 pieces in 12 different key signatures. Each one focuses on a different zone of emotional healing and well-being.

“I was prayerful before composing each piece and feel that I received Heavenly guidance as I composed the music. I wanted every piece to have an actual melody line, which is something many forms of meditation music do not have,” said composer Jerald Simon.

“I wanted the melody to be able to stand on its own. I hoped to make the melody listenable and moving while continuing to be relaxing. You will hear some pieces that have ocean waves in the background, and others that have nature sounds, birds chirping, rain, thunder, flowing rivers, and even a heart beat.”

Below is the music video “Meditation Music – Chasing Clouds by Jerald Simon.”

I hope you enjoy this relaxing music.

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