Watch high-quality videos from the New Testament in the “The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos” series available online. You can also get the videos on DVD.

The DVD is beautifully bound in imitation leather similar to a set of scriptures.

Order it online at as a great Christmas gift for friends and family. It’s also available in LDS bookstores.

This DVD is a resource for family home evenings, for family and individual study, and for use in Sunday School Gospel Doctrine study of the New Testament during 2015.

The Church has undertaken the enormous effort to create The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos series and give it to the world. The videos are free. The app is free. Only the physical DVD is sold, and at a value price of $5.50.

You can also watch all 85 videos at and in the Gospel Library mobile app.

Learn more about The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos series.

Watch an introductory video.


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