familysearch-memories-mobile-appFamilySearch has just released a new mobile app called FamilySearch Memories that gives you a way to preserve your memories so they are never forgotten and are shared from generation to generation.

FamilySearch Memories makes it easy to collect, preserve, and share your favorite family memories. You can quickly record photos, video, and audio to capture events, heirlooms, pictures, and family history stories. You can tag people and events, and all this syncs to You can also make voice recordings and it will turn the audio into text.

  • Store memories forever for free.
  • Use the app even without Internet access, then sync to when you are connected.
  • Take photos of any family moment and add them to your family tree.
  • Use the app to take photos of old pictures and documents.
  • Use the app to interview family members and record audio details of their life stories and favorite memories.
  • Write family stories, jokes, and sayings with the keyboard or use the mic key to record what you say.
  • Enrich written stories by adding descriptive photos.
  • Identify relatives in photos, stories, and recordings to add those memories automatically to their collection in Family Tree.

The FamilySearch Memories mobile app is currently available only for iOS 7 and above for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is coming.

See a demo of the FamilySearch Memories mobile app by watching this video from 4:15 to 25:30.

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