book-of-mormonOn April 11, I posted an article asking the question How has the Book of Mormon changed your life?

In that article, I invited you to go to the website and vote for the one book that has transformed your life forever. On April 11, the Book of Mormon was #25 on the list, with 235 votes.

Today, the Book of Mormon is #1 on the list, with 4,555 votes. We took it from #25 to #1 in 5 days!

This is an example of what Latter-day Saints can do when we stand for what we believe and we share it with others. If you haven’t voted for it yet, just visit

Read the Book of Mormon online or ask for a free copy of the Book of Mormon. It is translated into 109 languages.

See the article “The Book of Mormon claims No. 1 spot on list of life-changing books” in the Deseret News.

Update 4/16/2014 8:07pm: Someone hacked the site and promoted a book by Hitler to #1. Therefore, the owner decommissioned the site.

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