honor-parkAndrew Young got into filmmaking as a sponsored skateboarder making skate movies. He studied animation at BYU and went on to work at XBox making video games and DreamWorks Animation making feature animated films. But he began to see things that concerned him about the content of games and movies made for young people.

As he interacted with young men, he could tell that they were confused by the half truths and misrepresentations on the Internet, YouTube, TV shows, games, and movies. This confusion related to important topics like girls, fame, worth, and violence. He found he constantly needed to explain the context that TV shows were conveniently leaving out and that games were falsely glamorizing. He realized that young men were getting duped by adults making media.

To counteract the negative influence, he left his job and devotes his efforts full-time to create Honor Park, an “epically awesome show” to teach young men about honor, honesty, chivalry, nonviolence, useful skills, and strength. The preview video below explains the show. He’s trying to raise money to fund 5 episodes. If you’re interested, see his crowdsourced fundraising page on KickStarter.

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