I’ve written about other Utahns and their YouTube channels, and today I want to feature Give Back Films, a new YouTube channel that inspires people to give back to the community and pass along goodwill.

Kyle Oreffice (18) and Josh Gibson (25) started the channel about a month ago. They have published four videos, three of which were filmed in Salt Lake City, and they plan to post a new video each Monday.

Below is their first video, where they give $100 to people living on the street. Notice how they take a few minutes to talk to each person and learn his or her story.

The 1.8 million people who have watched this video have been inspired to help out a homeless person or pass along goodwill in some way.

The next week, they posted their second video where four customers paid for strangers’ drive-through bills, eventually creating a pay-it-forward chain. That video has been watched more than 1.5 million times.

Other videos in include Tipping a Waitress $200 and Paying For People’s Gas.

The channel’s success is a testament to the fact that people enjoy seeing the positive reactions of others.

Read more of the back story at the Deseret News.

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Watch a video where a housekeeper at a motel in Park City, Utah, gets $500 tip!

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