saratov-approach-lds-movieThe Saratov Approach is a movie now showing in theaters. It is the incredible true story of two LDS missionaries who were abducted, ransomed, and delivered in Saratov, Russia over 15 years ago.

I saw it last night, and found it to be a compelling story–powerful, touching, engaging, and filled with both physical danger and spiritual insight. It is well worth seeing in a theater. Don’t wait for it to come out on DVD.

A friend of mine had the blessing of being mission president for the two elders when they decided to finish their missions instead of returning home after their incredible experience. For safety, they were reassigned to missions in England.

Go see it in a theater for the full experience and to support quality LDS film making.

Update March 12, 2014: The Saratov Approach is now available on DVD
and Blu-ray.

Below is the movie trailer.

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