byutvIn January 2000, BYU launched its own TV channel, BYUtv, with a vision to provide uplifting and entertaining programming to help people see the good in the world.

Today, BYUtv is carried by DirecTV, DISH Network, and almost 877 cable television providers nationwide. It won 11 Emmy Awards last year alone. BYUtv is growing but remains committed to producing family-friendly content.

The programs on BYUtv have expanded over the past few years from devotionals, sports, and general conference to family-friendly comedy, reality TV, and American history.

Here are some of the  most popular programs on BYUtv:

  • Granite Flats is a BYUtv original series taking you back to 1962. In a small Colorado town, a military base mysteriously explodes. Was it the Russians or something more sinister? Mysterious people show up in town while three kid sleuths and the police chief try to discover the truth. What they find is a complex web of secrets.
  • Studio C is a sketch comedy program with ties to BYU’s Divine Comedy troupe. The comedy is family-friendly and contains very clever writing.
  • American Ride is a show about U.S. history. Stan Ellsworth, an American history teacher, looks like a tough biker complete with beard, mustache, leather jacket, jeans, and bandana. He rides a Harley-Davidson around the country to teach history where the history actually happened.
  • Live sporting events, including football, basketball, and other sports from today and yesterday.
  • Story Trek is a program about people. Everyone has a story to tell. Former news reporter Todd Hansen goes door to door across the nation to find interesting stories from ordinary people. Factual accounts can be more captivating than fiction.
  • The District follows real Latter-day Saint missionaries as they meet with investigators and do missionary work.

Learn more about BYUtv and its fine programing at or in the article “BYUtv Provides Quality Family-Friendly and Uplifting Entertainment.”

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