The Church has created social media pages for members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve on Facebook and Google+. These pages will be maintained on their behalf by the Church and act as an official social media presence for each of them.

See a list of the Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts for Church leaders.

If you Like the Facebook pages and Follow the Google+ pages and Twitter accounts, you will receive regular updates on the ministry of each of the Brethren. The Church will post links to talks, articles, videos, and other relevant content on their behalf and you’ll be able to see it in your feed.

Liking or Following the pages also makes a subtle declaration to your friends about what you believe. It’s a way to be actively engaged in sharing your beliefs with your friends.

The popularity of these pages also helps with search engine rankings. Now, when people search for the names of the Brethren, the top results are more likely to come from official Church content, both in online searches and within social media networks.

Before these pages were created, 45 unofficial Facebook pages existed for President Monson alone. (You can tell that a social media page or a website is from the Church because it will display the Church’s logo.)

For more information about these social media pages, read the article “New Social Media Pages Created for Church Leaders” at news.lds.org.


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