social-mediaWhen interacting on social media, some people feel they can say or do anything. But I urge you to think twice about what you post or tweet to be sure you are acting responsibly. Don’t say or do something online that you wouldn’t say or do in the physical presence of others.

Below are a few questions you may want to consider.

  1. Am I too emotional right now? (If you don’t know, wait three hours and see if you still feel like making the post or sending the tweet.)
  2. What would my mother, grandmother, or role model think reading this post?
  3. Will I be ok with my children (or future children, nieces, and nephews) reading this post/tweet when they Google me someday?
  4. If a potential employer reads this post/tweet, could I miss out on job opportunities?
  5. Is the post/tweet clear or could it be confusing or misunderstood by some people? (This is especially important when using sarcasm or making a joke.)
  6. Are the links in the post/tweet working?
  7. Does my language reflect my personality and represent me well? Or your company, if you represent your company?
  8. Is posting/tweeting a reply publicly the right choice or would a direct message be better?
  9. Have I made my tweet short enough for others to retweet?
  10. Have I used hashtags when relevant so others can find my post/tweet? For example, many users of Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr use the keywords #lds and #mormon to flag content about the Church.


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