This is one of a series of articles with suggested resolutions for the new year. See the other suggested resolutions.

Resolution #3 was about using more media produced by the Church. Today’s resolution is about supporting other members who create good media.

How to Support Good Videos

  1. Create an account at
  2. When you watch a video you like, click the Like button.
  3. If you really like the video, you can click Add To to add the video to one of your playlists.
  4. Click Share this Video to see and copy the direct link to the video. (It will look something like You can then paste this link into a social media post or into an e-mail to a friend.
  5. Click Embed to copy the code to paste into your blog so that the video appears and plays right within your blog post.
  6. Click Email to send an immediate email to a friend with the name of the video and a link to it.
  7. If comments are allowed for the video, please leave a comment for the person who created or uploaded it. Make your comments unique and applicable to the video. Encourage and thank those who are creating and uploading these great videos. Some videos do no not allow comments, and sometimes you will need to wait for your comments to be approved by the owner.

Where to Find Good LDS Videos

See my post (Resolution #3) for links to lists of media produced by the Church. Below are a few places you can find LDS videos produced by others:


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