The event will be streamed live on the Church Facebook page today at 10:00am MDT. [Here is the link to a video of the announcement event.]

If you are in the Utah area, you can attend IN PERSON at the Conference Center Theatre.

What do you think the announcement will be? (See below.)

Here are ideas submitted on Facebook so far:

  • They’re going to create a Mormon Tabernacle Youth/Young Adult Choir. A MoTab Jr.
  • I think they’re going to announce a contest: Singing with the Motab — where people like me get to go on tour with them and sing. It will be a reality show on BYUtv.
  • I am thinking that it will be a new look to the their website page. They have had this same look, to their website, for a long long long time, and I think that they are going to change the looks, to it. That is my guess. OR maybe they will be getting a new logo.
  • They’re trying out for X-factor? They’re trading out their robes and suits for supeerhero costumes? They’ve decided to add modern interpretive dance to their performances? The possibilities are endless…. 🙂
  • They are finally going to sway, shake it, and clap while singing spirituals.
  • They are up for another Grammy Award
  • They are doing a Reality TV show?
  • They are going to participate in an All American Choir Sing Off
  • They are lowering the age for admission into the choir
  • They’re creating a second choir in Brazil!
  • A name change? Mormon Conference Center Choir? 😉
  • Announcing this year’s Christmas concert guests: the Grateful Dead!! ..and special guest narrator Arianna Huffington!!
  • And new choir robes with Angel Moroni on the stole.
  • What if they decided to discontinue the choir?
  • Discontinue the choir? I think not. Such news would be bigger and more devastating than the break-up of the Beatles. Perhaps they will announce a new line of Tabernacle Choir bath products?
  • Well at any rate, Larry, whatever it is, it’s obviously a big deal. @MormonTabChoir has been making a huge deal out of this all week, and now you are too. I’m flying down to my office in Oakland on Monday morning, and I’ve blocked time on Tuesday to watch.
  • So this better be more than “Ryan Murphy has a hangnail.” 🙂
  • Maybe Chuck Norris is going to be a suprise conductor?
  • What if they decided to discontinue the choir?
  • The will NEVER discontinue the choir!!! The Choir WILL ALWAYS exsist!!!
  • Maybe they will announce that they will perform, during halftime, of the BYU VS Utah Football game, in 2013!!!

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