This article is one in a series of articles about explaining our Mormon beliefs to our friends. See other articles in this series.

LDS General Conference may be one of the best ways to introduce your friends to the Church. This article provides references to (1) help you explain to others what general conference is all about and (2) invite them to watch general conference.

What is LDS General Conference?

Invite Others to Watch General Conference

  • Invite people to go with you to your meetinghouse to watch conference. Monday’s article “How to Access LDS General Conference” described the various ways that you can watch general conference. The sessions on Sunday are usually especially good for those who don’t know much about our faith.
  • Tell people how they can access conference in their homes on radio, Internet, broadcast TV, cable TV, and Roku Internet TV (again, see Monday’s post “How to Access LDS General Conference“).
  • Share an introductory YouTube video with your friends through social networking sites. The link to the video is

  • Embed the conference stream in your blog or website. Go to the video on Facebook and click the Embed button in the upper right of the video to get the code.
  • Share your favorite quotes and stories from General Conference through social networks and blogs.
  • Share the General Conference event on Facebook.
  • Click the Share and Like buttons on your favorite talks on
  • Post this infographic about general conference on Facebook, Google+, your blog, or your website, or send the link to your friends by email.
  • Put a banner or widget on your website or blog. (See the “Invite Others” page on the general conference page of or get the banners and widgets from the Church’s Facebook page.)

What other ways can you think of to share General Conference with others?

Did you use any of these last conference? Any feedback for us?

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